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Chicago’s Best Pizza of 2016

September 15, 2016

Aurelio’s sausage pizza was recently named one of the best pizza’s in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune.

“Pizza is a contentious topic in Chicago, with as many locals hating on deep-dish as there are tourists eating it. We, however, don’t discriminate. There’s great pizza of all shapes and sizes in this city — you just have to know where to look. After trying dozens of pies and slices, we’ve compiled a list of the best: thin-crust, medium-crust, deep-dish and more. We’ll be adding a new pizza every day in September, so check back … and get eating.”

Aurelio’s Pizza has 42 locations in six states, but a trip to the flagship restaurant in Homewood seems special. The current cavernous digs date to 1976, but the restaurant got its start in the south suburb even earlier — 1959 — and some of the deck pizza ovens in the “new” space go back to the early 1960s. Regulars put great faith in them, and I can see why. The crust on a sausage and cheese pizza requested from an “old oven” was golden and crisp, a lovely textural contrast to the melted cheese, sausage chunks and Aurelio’s distinctively sweet tomato sauce. Peppers, as pictured, are a fine complement to the sausage if you’re in the mood. $17.75 for a medium. 18162 Harwood Ave., Homewood, 708-798-8050,”

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  1. Alyce

    Lived in so. Holland 30 years, always went to Aurelio’s in home wood, even the new one, loved joes pizza many years, don’t know if it’s only the Aurelio’s in crown point, but this is not joes pizza, little meat, soggy crust, far from what was served in home wood.


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