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Aurelio’s New
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The new Aurelio’s app makes it easier for you to place your delivery and takeout orders directly through the app, and automatically adds points to your account with every order.

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Step 1

Download the app and sign up on Google Play or Apple App Store

Step 2

Place orders for delivery or pickup using the app

Step 3

Earn and redeem points directly in the app

The previous Aurelio’s app and loyalty program will no longer be accepted. If you sign up for the new app using the email address of your old loyalty profile, your points will transfer over to your new account within 5 business days. If you would like to redeem points for dine-in, please tell your server the phone number associated with your new Aurelio’s loyalty profile.


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We’re doing this to provide you and all of our loyalty members with an improved experience and to make it easier for you to earn and redeem points at Aurelio’s Pizza. With the new app, you’ll be able to order and earn & redeem points directly from the app, something that was not possible on the old app, and your points will be added automatically to your account.
Use the QR code on the other side of this card to download the new app and sign up for the loyalty program.
When you sign up for the new app, use your current email address that is associated with your current Aurelio’s loyalty profile. Then, we will transfer your points to your new profile in the new app within 5 business days.
Your online ordering and loyalty app accounts are now one in the same! Anytime you place an order with Aurelio’s, either online or through the app, all your points will automatically be added to your account.
If you are dining in, please let your server know the phone number or email address associated with your account. Select locations will also have the option of having your loyalty QR code scanned. Once your information is verified you can choose what reward you want to use.
No. Orders made through the app or online will have your points automatically added to your account–making it one less step for you. For dine, carryout or delivery orders you need to tell your server/order taker your phone number and they will add the points to your account based on your order.

Points will be added within 24 hours of purchase.

Go to the CONTACT US section in the app and submit your receipt.
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If your home restaurant has not yet switched to the new loyalty program or if you are looking to log in to the previous Aurelio’s app, please click here.


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