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Ranking The Best Cities For Pizza In The World

May 4, 2018

20 Best Pizza Cities In The World

Great pizza is transcendent. At its best, it manages to be both regionally diverse and universally beloved. People ride or die hard for their hometown joints and local styles. The influence of nostalgia and uniquely seasoned ovens means that no two pies are ever the same, even if the ingredients are. More than that, there are so many variations that you can find amazing pizza riffs to explore all over the world.

So which cities around the globe have the best pizza? Is Detroit-style better than Seattle’s best pie? Can an NYC slice beat a Roman one? We’re going to have to make some tough calls. So let’s approach this ranking from the POV that all pizza styles can coexist in a world where our pizza love knows no bounds.

There are sure to be some blind spots and cities plain left out of a list of only 20 of the best pizza cities across the entire planet. Feel free to come @ us in the comments.

This is sure to be another controversial pick. But Chicago has an edge here. Yes, Chicago deep dish is a great, albeit extremely filling and, let’s face it, not the day-to-day pizza people eat. It’s a special occasion pizza. But Chicago (and a lot of the Midwest) generally eats tavern-style pizza, not unlike the Pacific Northwest. It’s a thin crust with crispy cheese edges, cut into squares, and generally topped with whatever you want. Those two styles along with the fact that a foodie city like Chicago has every other kind of pie you can imagine (and its residents are far more open to trying NY-style than New Yorkers are to eating Chicago-style) gives it an edge.

First stop for a great tavern pie: Aurelio’s Pizza®. They’ve been baking pies for over 60 years and have perfected the style. Barraco’s, Candlelite, and Michael’s Original Pizzeria & Tavern are also prime spots. If you’re in town for a deep dish, then Burt’s Place and Pequod’s are your best bet.


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