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Aurelio's Pizza

America’s Favorite Pizza Chains

January 31, 2019

Aurelio’s® is officially one of America’s Favorite Pizza Chains according to the Daily Meal!  Here’s what they had to say:

Aurelio’s® was founded in the Chicago suburbs in 1959, and while the bulk of the 40-plus locations are in Illinois and Indiana, they can also be found in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Naples, Florida. Pizzas are available in sizes up to 18 inches (they were among the largest in the industry for many years), and nearly 30 different varieties are available with toppings including hot giardiniera, Ortega peppers, and Italian beef. Thick-crust and stuffed pizzas are also available, but we suggest you stick with the thin crust, a uniquely Chicago style (a crackery, buttery, crisp crust, lots of cheese, and cut into squares) that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

7 Responses to “America’s Favorite Pizza Chains”

  1. Chris W Sauerbier

    Would love for you to open a location in the Charlotte area, I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life and recently moved to Concord, NC and there is NO GOOD PIZZA down here. Please consider it

  2. Nick baden

    You need to open a restaurant out here in mesa or gilbert arizona…your store would make killer money, half this state is from chicago…

  3. kris

    What type of cheese do you use on your pizzas and what makes the cheese taste different from regular mozzerella cheese?

  4. Chris Pederson

    I love thick-crust pizza but I’ll take your suggestion and try out thin-crust more. Maybe I can get some pizza tonight with my wife. I’ll see what she thinks about trying some thin-crust.

  5. Darryl Dillman

    Please come back to Allentown, PA. I used to go to the one that was here from 1982-1987 at least once a week. It is really hard finding pizza that even comes close to what we used to get here. Please, please, please!


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