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Menu items and pricing will vary from location. Please contact your location for pricing and to ensure that they carry the items you would like to order.

The Aurelio's family pizza recipe has been enjoyed by many for over five decades. Using only the finest ingredients and baking the pizzas to golden perfection have kept Aurelio's loyal customers coming back for more. Since the beginning, Aurelio's loyal patrons have been ordering their pizza by the number. What's your number?

1. Sausage 9. Half & Half 17. Sausage & Peppers
2. Cheese 10. Canadian Bacon 18. Thick Crust Pizza
3. Mushroom 11. Olives 19. Sausage & Green Pepper
4. Green Pepper 12. Sausage & Pepperoni 20. Sausage & Mushroom
5. Anchovy 13. Meatball 21. Vegetarian
6. Pepperoni 14. Hot Pepper 22. Combination
7. Ham 15. Ham & Onion 23. Super Six
8. Onion 16. Sausage & Onion

Available Ingredients
Sausage Chicken Onion Fresh Spinach
Pepperoni American Bacon Roasted Red Peppers Fresh Garlic
Ham Green Pepper Fresh Tomato
Canadian Bacon Black Olives Pepperoncini
Meatball Green Olives Mushroom
Italian Beef Hot Gardinaire Pineapple
Anchovy Ortega Peppers