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Great Franchise Opportunity With A Recipe For Success

Since our company was established in 1959, Aurelio's Pizza has been serving high quality food with the freshest ingredients. We developed our concept for The Family Pizzeria the right way, by serving great food, giving exceptional service and giving back to the communities we serve. If you are looking for a local business opportunity that gives you independence and security, affords you a great lifestyle and provides the opportunity to personally serve the needs of busy families in your community, then look no further. When you own an Aurelio's Pizza franchise, your restaurant will become the Family Pizzeria, offering something unique and something of value to local families. We offer a diverse menu of pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, desserts and a variety of beverages. Our items are prepared fresh to order, in a welcoming environment that is designed to serve the customer with a variety of dining options to meet their needs.

Aurelio's Pizza offers a menu that is designed to maximize profits, the opportunity to increase the average ticket with beer, wine and/or liquor sales, along with a business model that features multiple revenue streams beyond the seats in the restaurant with carry-out, delivery and catering revenue building opportunities. Our experienced corporate staff is available to ensure you leverage the business model to its fullest potential to improve your opportunities for success. We offer corporate support throughout the process from the application to contract signing, location selection and store design, equipment ordering, hiring, training, operations, grand opening and beyond. You can count on our experienced staff at Aurelio's Pizza to be there to help you get the greatest return on your investment of time and money.

  • Corporate Support

    Your success and our success are closely intertwined. Drawing upon our proven track record of 50+ years and thorough knowledge of the industry, we will work hand-in-hand with you as you develop and open your Aurelio's Pizza restaurant. As you progress through the application process, you will be assigned a primary contact at Aurelio Pizza Corporate to assist you and answer any questions that you have in a timely manner. Once we have determined that Aurelio's Pizza is a good fit for you and for the company – and you're chosen to become a franchisee – you can count on us to provide the following support

  • Location Assistance

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    During the site selection process we consider and analyze many variables which contribute to a viable restaurant site within a specific trade area. You will be working with a local realtor from the National Real Estate partner, Baum Realty, which will represent you and Aurelio's Pizza in any real estate or lease transactions. We will review geo-demographic data, local economic information, site-specific variables that affect business (traffic counts, ingress, egress, parking, visibility, etc.), local traffic generators and the local competitive set to help ensure you've chosen the best location for your business.

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  • Development Support

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    Site selection is just the start of our involvement in helping you make the most of your investment. Baum Realty will assist in lease negotiations. Aurelio's Pizza has a corporate architecture firm, Soos Architects, to assist you and provide the standards required for the design, branding and build out of an Aurelio's Pizza restaurant. Aurelio's Pizza will provide options for equipment, manufactures and dealers, as well as, evalutate local suppliers to supply items that are not proprietary to Aurelio Pizza. Aurelio's Quality Products or a local supplier will provide the Aurelio's Pizza proprietary items to your restaurant.

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  • Training

    Selecting the ideal management team is not an easy task. At Aurelio's Pizza, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you identify and select the best individuals to help run your business effectively and efficiently. We then enroll your general manager and kitchen manager in an intense training program, which must be successfully completed in order for us the recommend their employment. Training is serious at Aurelio's Pizza, as we believe the best way to protect your investment is to have a well-trained management team.

    You will be provided with an operation manual, which will serve as a valuable tool in your ongoing trainging and staff development. Members of the Aurelio Pizza management staff will be on hand prior to your first week of operations to lend a hand in opening your restaurant in an exceptionally memorable way for your guests.

    Once you're “up and running,” we are only a phone call away for assistance. We don't measure our success by how many franchises we sell, but rather by the success of each individual franchise location.

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  • Systems Support

    When you join the Aurelio's Pizza family of family pizzerias, you become part of a well-grounded system that provides support at each and every location.

    Our point-of-sale computer system allows you to track the key measurements of your business (product mix, food costs, labor costs, business trends, etc.) as well as sales, customer counts and customer data for local marketing. As the franchisor, we also have access to this information, so timely assistance and analysis is readily available.

    A password protected, franchise intranet acts as the primary communication channel for the system. It also contains a place for all information about Aurelio's Pizza so it is communicated quickly and effectively to all franchises, along with a library of documents for your easy reference.

    A national advertising fund is used for production of high quality marketing materials, customer loyalty rewards program, television & radio commercials, billboards, newspaper & magazine advertising, email marketing and public relations.

    Regularly scheduled Quality Control Assessments (QCA) are conducted in the field by Aurelio's Pizza corporate staff. During these assessments we advise franchisees on every aspect of your operations, as well as marketing updates, new products, industry/consumer research and the status of the system as a whole. Most importantly, we are there to discuss local problems or opportunities and to answer your questions.

  • Experienced Corporate Team Leadership

    Each member of the corporate management team has extensive experience in their area of expertise. What’s more, this team of leaders has a working chemistry that provides synergy to the whole process of managing and guiding the growth of the Aurelio's Pizza system.

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